Products Offered By Beacon Supply

Please contact us for more information on custom orders and specialty items. We also have large fitting trailers we can leave on site to save you time and money.

Ball Valves
Balon, Grinnell, KF, Hale, WKM, Apollo, Threaded and Flanged In, Brass and Steel
Pillow Block and Flanged
B-7 Stud Bolts, Grade 5 Hex Bolts, U-Bolts
Bull Plugs
STD-XH-XXH, Tapped and Solid
Butterfly Valves
KF, Demco, Threaded and Flanged In, Hale, Norris, Wafer
Steel High-Test Load, Roller Chain
Check Valves
Balon, Tulsa, KF, KVF, TXT, Wheatly, Threaded and Flanged In
Pipe Repair, Hose Clamps
Go-Jo Hand, Gunk Degreaser, Formula 10 Degreaser
Line Pipe, 8RD Tubing, Dresser Sleeve, Luv-Joy
Bestoflife Tubing and Pipe, Bitumastic Pipe Coating, American Pipe Coating
Absorbent Pads, Oil Booms, Oil Gator
Rustoleum, Tnemec, Krylon, Spray and Gallons, Paint Sticks
Pipe-Steel Bulk
SCH 40-80-160-XXH, SMLS-Plain End-Threaded, J-55, N-80 8RD Tubing
Aro - Air Diaphragm Pump, Sidewinder - Chemical Injection Pump, Roper - Transfer and Circulating Pump, Gaso - Transfer and Circulating Pump, Goulds - Transfer and Circulating Pump, Brown and Sharp - Rotary Pump
Turkish Towels, Kim Towels, Paper Towels, Cups
Rawson Tool Boxes
Cross Boxes, side Boxes, Headache Racks, Steel and Aluminum
Rig Supplies
Pump Parts, Packing, Liners, Pistons, Rods, Valves, Seats, Tong and Slip Dyes, Sash Cord, Rig Wash, Manilla Rope, Dope, Brushes, Cable, Cocoa Mats, Derrick Belts, Baroid Mud Scales, Cups, Funnels
Manilla Rope, Wire Rope, Nylon Rope, Slings and Pull Lines
150-300-600-900-1500-5000-10000#, Threaded, Weldnecks, Raise Face, Ring Joint
Forge Steel, 2000#, 3000#, 6000#, Unions, tees, Ells, Bushings, Couplings, Malleable Iron, Api Couplings
Flexatalic, Non-Asbestos Sheet Packing, Red Rubber Gasket Material
McDaniel and Wika, Dry and Liquid-Filled, 30#-10000#, 2 1/2" and 4" Face, Kenco Drum Gauge
Hydraulic 1/4"-2", Double-Braid and 4-Wire Braid, Red Rubber Push-On Hose, 2"-4" Suction Hose, Blue Discharge Hose, Made To Order
Misc. Supplies
Batteries, Flashlights, Chain, Binders, Blocks, Cable Clamps, Hooks, Wire Brushes, Dope Brushes, Paint Brushes, Water Coolers, Shackles, Grease Guns, Grease, Shovels, Gunk Guns
Mud Valves
Demco, Oteco
Needle Valves
KF, Balon, Anderson Greenwood
Pipe and Swage, SCH 40-80-160-XXH, SMLS and Buttweld
Safety Supplies
Hard hats, Steel Toe Boots, Safety Glasses, Zero Hoods, First Aid Kits, Rain Suits, Ear Plugs, Gloves, Gas Safety Cans, Flame Resistant Clothing
Ball Valves
Balon, Grinnell, KF, Hale, WKM, Apollo, Threaded and Flanged Inn, Brass and Steel
Seal Fast
Quick Couplings, KC, Nipples, Bands and Clamps, Foot Valves
Wire Rope, Nylon
Derrick, Gaging, Engineers, Measuring, Teflon, Electric, Duct, Pipeline
Ridgid, Proto, Crescent, oteco, Cutters, Threaders, Vises, Pipe Wrenches, Hammers, Wrenches, Socket Sets, Allen Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Tubing Benders, Flare Tool
Poly Flow Tubing, Stainless Steel Tubing, Copper Tubing, 1/4"-1/2", Bilock and Parker SS Fitting
Hammer Unions, Fig 100-200-400-600-602-1002-1502, Forge Steel Unions, Malleable Iron Unions
Varichem Soap Sticks
Acid, Salt, Soap Sticks
Weld Fittings
SCH 40-80-160-XXH, Tees, Ells, Weld Reducers, Caps